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Trust management and financial planning of the investment company "Finamms" provide clients with the opportunity to invest comfortably and conveniently.
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About company
Finamms has united private investors and experienced traders in a single investment platform. To start making money in the financial and cryptocurrency markets, you do not need to study and analyze charts and monitor quotes. Entrust all the work to our professionals.
Cryptocurrency market
Unlike other markets, the cryptocurrency market is relatively young. He is distinguished by high volatility and the ability to earn tens of percent per day with the right approach. We distribute capital between the trading accounts of several traders, significantly reducing trading risks.
Forex market
Currently, Trust Management in the Forex market is one of the most effective methods of capital allocation and is gaining popularity. Risk minimization is achieved through the application of the principles of "portfolio investment" in the distribution of funds. When forming the "investment portfolio", the company's specialists are guided by the safety and return on invested capital.
How we are working
We distribute investor capital among traders depending on the style and success of each of them. The crypto market allows you to earn tens of percent per day and even more. Making a profit in the cryptocurrency market, we pay a fixed reward to investors, and the rest of the profit is transferred to an insurance fund that covers possible losses and makes it possible to pay a stable profit for any trade outcomes.
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